We as a nation have much to be grateful for. If you’ve served in our nation’s military, you’re interested in this country and our veterans that have honorably served. You’re probably already aware of the fact that we lose 22 vets per day to suicide and self-destructive behaviors.

That is why STRATEGIC ALLIANCE was born. We use Real Estate as a means to give purpose, employ, educate and create successful Veteran entrepreneurs.

We buy houses –offering CASH or TERMS for the benefit of the seller and our company.

We fix and maintain these houses — EMPLOYING VETERANS with various skills (painting, roofing, tile installation, landscaping, plumbing, electric, design, etc.)

We SELL or RENT these houses — offering unique housing opportunities to Veterans and civilians.


STRATEGIC ALLIANCE TEACHES AND CONNECTS VETERANS ACROSS MARKETS. SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDE AND ABILITIES are all part of what enables greater “value assembly.” The more of these you have, the greater your understanding will be and therefore the opportunities you come across will be more. That is why at Strategic Alliance, not only will you grow your network but you will also grow yourself and your business as you learn and connect.
Set up a call! Talk with a member of our team to determine your skill set and how to use your resources to make money in Real Estate. Begin your journey now with a mentor, reach your goals faster!


Worried about ongoing expenses while you begin on your Real Estate Journey? Strategic Alliance is all about connecting you to opportunities that can help make that leap easier for you.
Grow your Understanding Grow Your Business
Because we connect you to teams across markets, you can grow your understanding and therefore make better choices to grow your business. Mentorship + Education = MORE WEALTH.

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