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A network built by vets for vets

Help a Veteran help themselves. Each house we purchase provides a home, a job and opportunities for Veterans and civilians to better their lives. JOIN OUR NETWORK, EXPAND YOUR SPHERE OF INFLUENCE

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For Rent
$ 175/day
Canyon Lake, TX

Bedrooms: 3 / Baths: 2 / Sq Ft: 1,200 

For Sale
$ 299,950

Bedrooms: 6 / Baths: 3 / Sq Ft: 4,071

for rent
$ 1,595/mo
607 Vermilion, San Antonio, Texas 78221

Bedrooms: 3 / Baths: 2 Shared / Sq Ft: 1,500

For Sale
$ 145,000
2518 SW D AVE, LAWTON, OK 73505

2 Lots: 17 & 18 / Bedrooms: 1 / Baths: 1 Each / Sq Ft: 1,968

Who We Are

About Us

We are a network by veterans for veterans

We as a nation are losing 22 vets per day. Strategic Alliance was founded by Tommy Ray, who gave this country 21 years of military service and decided to work an initiative to promote real estate education and investing as a way to give back to our Vets. By training and pairing with their local REIA throughout the lifecycle of each military member.  Military members move every 2-4 years typically.  As such the markets they visit wildly vary in affordability and cash flowability.  Living and learning concurrent to their service is needed so that they have an actionable pathway once their service to our nation is complete. 

30 years of real estate investing showed us that real estate is a “team” sport in which contractors, property managers, realtors, title examiners, attorneys and more are all critical components. Their network, tradesmen and aligned contractors are important as well. Building teams and finding houses is what makes the STRATEGIC ALLIANCE.

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With Strategic Alliance, you can get a CASH OFFER as well as a TERMS offer. When you sell to Strategic Alliance you’re helping Veterans help themselves.

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Strategic Alliance was founded by Tommy Ray, a Real Estate millionaire and mentor. Through his guidance we provide education, resources and help you build a team according to your needs.


Are you looking for a partner or a project to join? Strategic Alliance can help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

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We are all about helping you DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

By focusing on your strengths and your particular skill set we can help you plug into the right team. We want you to be excited about what you’re doing because that’s what the world needs: EXCITED ENTREPENEURS.

Whether you’re the impatient-get-it-done-quick type of investor or you like to sit back and strategize a little more, we can help!

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