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Tommy Ray

Entrepreneur/ Investor / Real Estate Investing Trainer / Real Estate Investor Mentor

Tommy is an accomplished real estate investor, who uses multiple real estate investing strategies to create cash flow, equity, and favorable tax treatment while building generational wealth. He helps create jobs and empower new real estate investors to build their own real estate investing businesses, by training and mentoring them, and starting them out in collaborative teams.

Personally, he is a retired Military Officer, disabled vet, and was formerly Air Education and Training Command “Master Instructor.”

Here are some of the highlights of Tommy’s 32+ years of experience in real estate investing:

  • Entrepreneurial Spirited / Minded American
  • Multimillionaire — Side-Effect of Entrepreneurism
  • Texas Real Estate Commission approved to teach real estate investment (2008 – 2013)
  • Inactivated Texas Real Estate Brokers License; knowledgeable of the tax implications of home buying/investing
  • Extensive knowledge of real estate law, local economies, property value, and financing options
  • Skilled in strategic marketing, competitive market analysis, and lead generation
  • Insightful and approachable; adept at reading people and understanding their needs
  • An expert negotiator who communicates effectively in all phases of the transaction
  • Trained Loan Officer, Trained Tax Preparer

As a professional Real Estate Investment Consultant, Tommy has also developed these skills:

  • Lead managing partner in several real estate buy-and-hold partnerships
  • Marketing strategies, prospects for leads, client relationships, and developing new businesses
  • Identifies “down-market” opportunities for his teams

Since 1989, Tommy has amassed this impressive personal real estate investment portfolio in multiple locations:

  • Owns a profitable portfolio that spans 5 states, while continuing to expand his holdings and team
  • Has purchased at below market value and rehabbed over 100 homes/condos
  • Routinely achieves 100% ROI through successful collateralization of property and notes receivable, cash back financing extraction post-rehab, subject-to deals, and much more

He extends his knowledge to those around him by actively engaging in his communities.

Here are a few highlights:

Vice President, Board of Directors

Board of Directors

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Strategic Alliance is a Real Estate Investing group of seasoned, independent real estate investors and marketing professionals. Like one big happy family, we work together to mentor and help each other. We also strive to provide those who are interested in breaking free of Corporate America with a platform to learn about investing in real estate, business ownership and how to build generational wealth through financial literacy.

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