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This water front condo has gorgeous views of the lake. Either in bed, on the sofa or the balcony you melt in the water sipping up your favorite drink. Planning a swim? You have a choice over, lake or pool. Do you want to enjoy Guadalupe River tubing? In less than a mile you’ll join the tubing crowd! Winter time? Fireplace cuddle is on the menu. Kids with their own room and plenty space.

Plenty of opportunities for bicycling, fishing, running, walking or none. Your choice Still fun!
The condo has its spaces well defined. Anyone can be in their own little world respecting others space. You can work from here too, if you work remote. Rooms are spacious and equip to a comfy environment. There are plenty of pillows and blankets to curl and warm up. You can easy prepare your quick meal in our kitchen. Each room has a fan for extra cool air. There is access to cleaning tools for spills. There is a dedicated pantry for your dry goods.
Canyon Lake Villas is divided in 2 sections. The waterfront section is located at Lakeland Dr. This is building A. It is one 2 story building between the street and the tennis court. It has its own parking lot with assigned numbers. The spots are marked with the number 3.
Also the community continues over the hill at Parkview Dr. These are buildings B-C and D. It has 3 entrances. The one that goes up hill is a dead end and it takes you to laundry facility and pool. The other two are one way only. In this section you will find the brown trash container at the corner of the inverted U where you will continue to exit.
If you want to BBQ. there is a BBQ seating area at the end of the parking lot towards the lake.