We team with, empower, and enable aspiring and serial entrepreneurs to take the next step or escape W-2 employment through business ownership, financial literacy, and real estate investing.

We are particularly focused on helping veterans, first responders, and real estate professionals develop passive income on their way to financial freedom. The real estate industry is changing due to online tools such as Zillow, Facebook, and other informational giants. It’s nearly impossible to get ahead in this economic climate, and W2 workers and traditional real estate agents must evolve or be left behind.

Can you picture yourself becoming debt-free, while you build a real estate portfolio with your current cash flow without the need to refinance or change your lifestyle?

Our unique online and local support system can show you how to:
– Pay off all your debt, including a 30-year mortgage, in a fraction of the time, without the stress of refinancing or living paycheck-to-paycheck
– Build a profitable part-time business that could potentially get you out of any job in the next 12-18 months
– Purchase real estate investment property, without using your money or credit

What makes Strategic Alliance different?

We are part of a real community of real people. With over 70 communities nationwide, we can plug into a network of real human beings with a diverse set of skills, knowledge, attitude, and abilities. This system truly comes together at the local level, where teams and opportunities merge, to the benefit of everyone involved.

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