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10 Steps to Take After a Fire

There are 10 steps to take after a fire.  According to KENS 5, “A house fire early Wednesday on the South Side of San Antonio displaced a family of six, authorities said.

“Firefighters responded to the blaze at about 2:40 a.m. in the 200 block of Hawthorne.

All members of the family living at the home were able to escape without harm. Red Cross officials are now assisting them with temporary shelter.”

“According to officials, firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the blaze, but not before some flames reached the home’s attic. A water heater is to blame for a fire on the south side of San Antonio early Wednesday morning.”

“The blaze caused an estimated $40,000 in damage.”

This truly horrifying event occurred this week in our city. After the initial shock of the fire, the Red Cross or some other agency will find you safe quarters. Do you know the 9 steps to take after a fire?

There are 10 Steps to Take After a Fire:

  1. Check Your Family for Shock – a fire is very traumatic. Everyone will process the loss differently. Get immediate help or counseling.
  2. Be Safe, Be Smart – It is normal to want to enter the house as quickly as possible to see the damage for yourself and retrieve your valuables. Wait until the professionals tell you it is ok.
  3. Know who to call – It is your responsibility to call your insurance agent. This is a priority. Calling your insurance starts all the paperwork to establish a claim. Call relatives. Call the Red Cross who help families like yours.
  4. Secure the property – one of the 9 steps to take after a fire. The insurance company will require this
  5. Establish a home base – Try to get back to a normal routine as quickly as possible. You will need temporary housing, clothing, basic bathroom items, medicines, school clothes for children, etc. Be sure to document everything to be reimbursed by your insurance company. You may even need to ask for a draw on your policy for the basics.

More of the 10 Steps to Take After a Fire

  1. Get a copy of the fire report – A fire report will discuss where in the house the fire occurred, the time of the incident, the date of the incident and the incident number if it comes through a fire department.
  2. Keep track of all your expenses and correspondence regarding your loss. A three ring binder is a handy way to document the process.
  3. Coordinate with your insurance company the work needed to restore your home from fire, smoke and water damage.
  4. Separate damaged property from undamaged property. The insurance company will need a detailed inventory list from you after they inspect the loss. Separating your damaged property from your undamaged property will make it easier for you to make a list of your damaged items. This list needs to include the date you purchased each item, the brand name, the price you paid, and the serial number, model, or description of each item. If the item was a gift, be sure to indicate that as well.
  5. Many people decide not to live in the house again. They take the cash from the insurance company and move on. However, city ordinances, for safety reasons, require the house either be repaired or torn down.


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