Oct 8, 2019

If you want to be a Real Estate Investor you need to focus on learning not earning. If you truly learn you will coincidentally be enabled to earn as an investor if you exhibit these other behaviors.

First thing to learn is flocking. Flock to people who are where you want to be in learning and achievement. Achievement is many things but, in this instance, let’s call it mastery of a skill and the money that comes with it.

Second thing to learn is change is good, change is reality, and change is accelerating. In the Real Estate world, everything is changing very fast and because everything is changing you need to mentally and emotionally process it as the daily given and the daily opportunity…. On that note… opportunity.

Opportunity is the third thing. It is seeing problems (often caused by that change) and solving it. Solve it in a manner though where you can monetize it but be patient enough to realize the full value of what you can create and the bigger problems and needs it solves! If you see an environment flooded with mixed messages, pitches, coupons, and marketing “noise” maybe it is correct to not be like the rest. Maybe it is more correct to adopt a value proposition that gives value and transparency in advance of bilateral exchange of value (cash, contracts, or other consideration).

Fourth thing to realize is you are branding yourself daily. You do this with what you do, and how you do it. People hear what you say but they pay more attention to what you do. Pride in what you do and how you do it says loads about your character. Have character don’t be a character.

Fifth thing — motivation is your responsibility not someone else’s. Maintain motivation and don’t waste your time or worse yet waste others time if you are absent follow through.

Sixth thing…. Specific goals often result in specific plans with specific daily steps. A chance to apply your step 5 motivation 😉

Lastly, Real Estate Investing is a team sport and a long-term proposition. Once bought (or at least in contract) you will turn to title companies, lenders, inspectors and other trades vendors to understand the home, service the home, and more it towards final closing. Once closed you will have an on-going relationship with many of these same people for the days, months and years following to include maybe a professional property manager. So-o what I am saying is you are in a long-term relationship with the asset and the people that will support the effort. The effort to grow your learning, earning, and real estate investor fluency.

Our job in Strategic Alliance is to teach investors how to maximize their capabilities in order to create wealth through Real Estate Investing.
I hope the journey is purposefully thought out and designed to provide you the full life you want. Our children need to see more entrepreneurism, problem solving, and pro-social relationships.

It is good for you, them and the country.


Real Estate Investment


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