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San Antonio Estate Sale

When you hear the terms, San Antonio Estate sale. “estate sale” (or tag sales in some parts of the country), you probably think someone died. But don’t let the term fool you, it just means selling en masse, most of a person’s possessions. Often, this occurs when a person passes, and family members must handle an estate cleanout, but other reasons may surface for them as well. Someone might want to transition to a smaller home or they may be retiring.”

San Antonio Estate Sale

Does it ever shock you when your neighbors here in the San Antonio area decide to sell almost everything they accumulated over the years and move to Oregon, Florida, Charlotte, or become expats? They worked hard to buy the large dining room table and eight chairs, the sofas, the lamps, the artwork, the beds and exercise equipment, the outdoor furniture and even the BBQ that practically cooked by itself. They start with a couple of garage sales, but the big stuff gets auctioned or sold in estate sales.

Expect to see more San Antonio Estate sales because Baby Boomers who make up the largest demographic in the U.S., those born from 1946 to 1964, are reaching the age of 65 at a rate of 10,000 a day. That trend will continue until 2029. For the most part, the kids are gone, the house seems too big, there’s a lure toward temperate climate and a desire for snowless winters. Getting rid of their stuff and starting over in some new land appeals in many ways.

San Antonio Estate Sale

Another factor leading to San Antonio Estate sales, children of those reaching 65 inherit their parents’ houses. They have nowhere to put their parent’s furniture. As if that isn’t enough, the divorce rate for those around 50 has doubled recently, and debt, the American way, continues to claim victims in this slow economy. Getting rid of what George Carlin referred to as “stuff,” requires more than a garage sale. It requires a professional. Enter the estate liquidator.

Estate sales are public sales conducted by estate liquidators, in the house of the seller. The estate liquidator tells the seller to remove everything they want to keep, and tags all the rest with a price (thus tag sale). They use their vast knowledge to set a price on each item with an eye on liquidating everything quickly.  The estate liquidator may offer a price upfront for everything, or take a percentage of the sales. They hold the San Antonio estate sale over a weekend, and items sold on a first come first served basis. After the sale, they donate or junk the remainders.

A Hoarding House

You could inherit a hoarding house; a house filled with boxes, bags, and stacks of stuff that no one has a clue what’s in them. The person with the inheritance doesn’t want cleaning out the house to cost them money. An inherited hoarding house can create many different costs. Your only recourse, find a way to solve the problem, or even better to come out with a bit of a profit. There are professional estate sale companies, but they often refuse to handle an estate cleanout.

Hoarding houses present an inheritor with a huge job. You must go through every bag and box. This can easily take weeks depending on how long the person hoarded. All the belongings in each of the rooms will need to be brought out and assessed. You will need to toss many items, and you’ll want to keep truly sellable items for the estate sale.

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