Strategic Alliance Real Estate Investing

“Value Assembly” in Real Estate Investing

Real estate investment is a complex endeavor and fraught with risks. It initially may require a willingness to outsource responsibilities until task competence is thoroughly achieved. Later you may choose to maintain the outsourcing simply for personal time savings or ease of scaling your investment efforts. People and property management, in particular, consume TIME and PATIENCE. Conserve yours! I have noticed over my 52 years that people focus on costs versus value. What is the value of avoiding litigation? What is the value of finding a good general contractor and not getting swindled the first time you venture out to invest in real estate? Build and maintain momentum as you head towards your goal.

Investing requires momentum management too. By this, I mean PATIENCE and a focus on LEARNING and the evolution of change. As you begin to internalize a new lifestyle that involves: the pursuit of knowledge, purposeful networking, and self-analysis/self-awareness you will see the world fundamentally differently. To depict I would recommend the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. You will understand only after you have read it 😉

Once internalized you will begin to re-tool your entire thought process. You will see wealth as something that can be built better, faster, quick with teams.

Share the wealth, share the responsibilities, and share the growth moment. When you do, learning accelerates and wealth accelerates as skill sets refine.

Tommy Ray