Strategic Alliance Real Estate Investing

Winning in Real Estate Investing is Easy with Education, Preparation and Planning

Yes, the devil is in the details and delayed gratification.

To be successful you have to see time as the prime limiting factor. Composed of activities in parallel each purposefully complimenting the other. You have to accept success as the only outcome (I know it sounds odd but just trust me for now), and you have to see your prime business as INFORMATION.

The prime information is that which can be leveraged for financial effects. We want to learn, turn and burn towards our goals. To do this we have to heighten our awareness and prepare. We prepare for our own economic war. We target a market, an investment, using a team to accomplish all facets of the transaction. A team to find the market, the asset to buy. A team to repair/rehab to the desired goal. Lastly, a marketing team to take to “sold” or “leased”. Each doing their “ninja” skill set with ease, efficiency, and competency. Fitting together like puzzle pieces. This is what I refer to as “value assembly”. Team members brought together based on competency and efficiency in a ripe market for maximum yield.

Tommy Ray