Real Estate Foundations

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Real Estate Investing Education Focus

In this class, our instructor will outline and the major concepts and mechanics of a real estate investment transaction. Students will also learn the terminology and industry-specific language employed by real estate professionals, and how to identify which of those professionals are suitable to assist in building a successful real estate investment business. Students will also review effective methods of recruiting a valuable team of professionals. Lastly, students will come to understand creative strategies for purchasing and/or controlling off-market properties by leveraging limited financial resources, how to identify the benefits of using various acquisition strategies and begin to understand Seller motivation and resolution to objections.

Course Topics

  • Learn the art of leveraging people, time, and financial (other people’s money) resources.
  • Get tips on finding and assembling a team of professionals to help you achieve your real estate investing goals, and understand basic investment ownership/control terminology and techniques.
  • You’ll also review creative purchase problems.

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