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The Renatus education services product provides the most comprehensive real estate investing online program available, consisting of 50+ classes. All of the learning paths are based on the University of Phoenix model. Once enrolled, you’ll quickly learn how to find real estate investment properties, find funds for real estate purchases, and make money off the sale of (or cash flow if you’re holding as rentals) each property. You’ll also have access to a network of local and nationwide real estate investor mentors and coaches, all with loads of experience and a willingness to help!

The Renatus Essentials package consists of 10 courses that are each approximately 8 hours. The Xtream and Advanced courses offer a more focused learning experience. Each of the learning paths is comprised of 5-7 relevant courses (approximately 8 hours each) to achieve specific learning objectives. There are some courses that do overlap into different paths, as they may be relevant to both. All courses can be watched over and over, to gain a complete understanding of each topic.

For a list of available classes, visit the complete course list.

All courses are taught by vetted, seasoned professionals with hands-on experience in running their own multi-million dollar real estate investing (or related) businesses.

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Learning and application of the techniques taught by Renatus instructors require massive time and effort. Your ability to achieve a particular objective is based on a variety of factors. Be advised that we are not licensed brokers or registered financial consultants and do not guarantee any earnings or any returns on your investment. We also offer no financial, tax, or legal advice, but do suggest consulting your own professionals before undertaking any transaction. Real estate investing (and investing in general) involves risk and may result in partial or total loss of time and money. All investors (especially beginners) should evaluate their situation, objectives, risk tolerance, and time, prior to purchasing Renatus’ education services.

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