Real Estate Red Flags

Real Estate Investing Education Focus

As real estate investors, we strive to understand the need to determine the right investment strategy and take informed action. To that end, students will learn standard property acquisition methods and their related benefits. Students will also gain insight into the concepts of property analysis, due diligence, and the legalities of some common investment strategies. Lastly, students can expect to learn the value of obtaining proper comparable sales data, reviewing basic guidelines on financing and contracts, and understanding full disclosure. As an added benefit, students will be taught the significant role and value of a mentor.

Course Topics

  • Acting vs. Procrastination
  • Getting it in writing – always use a contract
  • Consequences of not understanding where and how to find good real estate investing deals
  • The unforgettable impact of poor or ineffective due diligence and risk management planning
  • The need for and principles behind cash reserves
  • The difference between appraisals and comparable sales
  • The real truth about money (yours or someone else’s), mortgages, and closings
  • The need for and benefits of obtaining the right mentor

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