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There are many options when it comes to real estate investing strategies. Which one is the right one for you? Most beginning investors start with wholesaling and move up from there into “fix and flips” and “buy and holds” (rental properties). Some just want to be a part of a team, maybe locating properties or marketing for their share of each deal.

To help you decide where to start, here are the main types of real estate investing strategies that appeal to real estate investors:

wholesale properties (buying and selling properties on paper)
buy and hold real estate investments
fix and flip real estate investments
foreclosures (commercial and residential)
short sales (commercial and residential)
real estate tax liens and deeds
• investing in real estate through self-directed IRAs/401ks
• controlling property through “subject-to” deals

It’s possible to learn about real estate investing on your own, but there will be a large time cost and a huge potential for making costly mistakes. We know that you can quickly get up to speed by taking online courses in real estate investing that cover the best real estate investing strategies available today and in the future. In the meantime, you can also learn while you help our team with professional marketing.

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