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“I bought 36 million worth of Real Estate the last two months of the year. I will always be thankful for your guidance (Tommy Ray) when I was young. There were others trying to get us to do stuff also but it had self gain for them in some sort of form. You had credibility and you were sincere. When we open the co-working space I want you to come and talk."
“In May 2008, Tommy Ray contacted me in reference to a tri-plex I had for sale. After his purchase of my property, I held the debit until he paid it off this year (2021). During the loan he was always on time with payments. Tommy was easy to contact and communicate with. I enjoyed working with him and would do it again with pleasure."
Evelyn Barnes
“Mr. Ray's incredible adapability with potential clients has let him excel in both his Real Estate business and financial planning skills. His uncanny ability to know what his client wants before they tell him makes his clients keep their focus on their goals. In addition, his flexibility also allows him to quickly switch tactics if his client changes his/her mind about something at the last minute or needs adjustments for future financial planning."
Claudia Fortunatti
“I have true respect for Tommy Ray's knowledge and experience in real estate investing. Tommy Ray is detailed oriented and is a hands-on investor and does an excellent job of monitoring our management of his properties and is proactive in decision making and market changes."
William F peacher
"For the past 9 years Tommy and I have successfully partnered on six investment properties resulting in positive cash flow every month on all properties. Tommy's military background helped him develop a disciplined, systematic approach to problem solving at all levels of his business ventures, whether they are for his personal real estate investments, his partners, or as a broker."
Joe gallahan
“Tommy is one of the best visionary real estate and financial mentors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His ability to find intrinsic values that others can't even comprehend but also has the ability to make the most complex concepts and patiently explain them in terms that at any level makes sense and can be processed."
Ryan Castleberry
"From the start the Ray's assured us they wouldn't be the average, "hand's off" landlords. They were far from it. They were responsive, friendly, and professional. Every issue, no matter how big or small, was dealt with in an immediate fashion, no hassles. We would be more than happy to rent from them again if the opportunity arises, and would recommend them to anyone without hesitation!"
Lorelei and Phillip Jackson
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Strategic Alliance uses Real Estate as a means to give purpose, employ, educate and create successful Veteran entrepreneurs. 100% of profits go to Veterans. We buy houses –offering CASH or TERMS

As real estate investors, we strive to understand the need to determine the right investment strategy and take informed action. To that end, STRATEGIC ALLIANCE can help you join a LEARNING VENTURE where you can train your eye to catch all the Real Estate Red Flags there are. Gain insight into the concepts of property analysis, due diligence, and the legalities of some common investment strategies. Learn the value of obtaining proper comparable sales data, reviewing basic guidelines on financing and contracts, and understanding full disclosure.

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